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Peripheral Neuropathy and Chiropractic Care

Written By Caputo Chiropractic Center on December 18, 2019

peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is an interesting and very common neurological disorder that many people face. It can affect balance and greatly impact a person’s quality of life.

Here you will learn how patients obtain peripheral neuropathy, as well as treatment and exercises that your local chiropractor can suggest to you to help relieve the symptoms.

What is the Cause of Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the nerves that run through the spinal cord, the same ones that are responsible for signals of movements and sensory feelings, become damaged. This condition can happen after a long period of repetitive movements – such as writing, texting, or computer work – and conditions like carpal tunnel stem from it.  

Causes of peripheral neuropathy can include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Chemotherapy
  • Infections like Lyme disease or AIDS
  • Poor diet, lack of vitamins and minerals

Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy at Caputo Chiropractic

At Caputo Chiropractic, we use a specific type of treatment to help lessen the pain of peripheral neuropathy:

    • Electroanalgesia Machine (Matrix): A machine that sends pulses of electrical currents at 8,300 and 10,000 units per second. Using the lower current first calms the muscles in the body, allowing for the electrical current to penetrate deeper in the tissue. The current is then increased to a tolerable level (up to 10,000 units) in order to “confuse” the brain waves that control feeling in the nerves – decreasing the pain significantly. 


  •  Along with using the Balance Assessment: A rehabilitation method that uses a special BTrackS (BTS) balance plate software to asses posture, weight distribution, balance function, stability, and the risk of falling for peripheral neuropathy patients. This helps Caputo Chiropractic assess the patient’s progress throughout the therapy and helps us to adjust the treatment.  


Is Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Suwanee What You Need?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for peripheral neuropathy, but treatment will relieve you of your symptoms and help you accomplish your daily tasks once more. 

Dr. Caputo, D.C., can offer your expert chiropractic care as well as suggestions for other methods of treatment for your peripheral neuropathy conditions.

If you would like to know more about peripheral neuropathy treatment, contact Caputo Chiropractic Center today, or call 770-962-0559.



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