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"When I started going to Dr. Caputo, I had backaches, walked bent over and could not reach the floor to pick up anything. I was having sinus headaches that lasted for days. After only a few adjustments, I was feeling much better. I have continued with regular adjustments, and now I don't have backaches, I don't walk bent over, I can reach the floor, and I never have a headache. Dr. Caputo has really helped me. I would highly recommend him."
- Olin S

"He cares. He's always available. He makes sure you're good to go before you leave. He's a good person, the only person in this state that can help me with my back problems and other things."
- Joey R

"He's friendly and honest and unlike other Dr.'s he wants your healing and well being to be natural. He pointed out that my x-ray showed signs of early onset of osteoporosis, so now I'm taking all precautions to reverse it. My posture is straighter than it was. I used to slump a lot. Not any more."
- Doreen P

"Best Chiropractor I've ever been to. Always make sure my paperwork is filled out for work. Customer service is 100% the best i ever had. There whenever i need them. Thank You so much Caputo."
- Prentice W

"We've been seeing Dr. Caputo for over 17 years. He continues to add new therapies and technologies along with his consistently productive adjustments. His staff is excellent. I'm so glad that our family has the option for chiropractic care. So many issues may be resolved without surgery."
-Stephen R

"Dr. Tom Caputo and his staff are truly the essence of what medical care providers should be, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable of their skill. Dr. Tom takes the time to properly evaluate the patient's condition and offer the best treatment for that condition.

I highly recommend Caputo Chiropractic Center in Suwanee, Georgia."
-Cathy O

"Dr Caputo’s experience and training in discal issues is exceptional. Very few have reached his level of training in Chiropractic pertaining to the spine. I highly recommend his services."
-Bruce C

"He is truly working within his gifting. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about the human body and I highly recommend anyone to visit his office. I personally believe chiropractors should be the primary care; especially Dr. Caputo!"
-Trina C

"I have been going to Dr. Tom for 20 years. He's honest, thorough and genuinely concerned for your health and well-being."
-Dana H

"This place is a lifesaver, truly. Starting my 3rd week of therapy and I’m so grateful for the team here! They are dedicated in making strides of progress to my health and well-being.

I have faith that we found this is enough time that I may be able to avoid surgery. I continue to pray and stay positive and do what my doctor says 🙂 I can’t recommend this place enough. For anyone who is experiencing complications and wants to try anything before operating, please come meet Dr. Caputo and his amazing staff!!"
-Autumn C

"Almost a year ago, I started going to Caputo Chiropractic, more a skeptic than a believer, but following a glowing review and recommendation from a friend. Through individualized care, tailored to my specific needs in relation to my specific injury and condition, Dr. Caputo has helped me tremendously with pain management, allowing me to decrease my dependence on other artificial/toxic approaches. Dr. Tom and his remarkable staff are always warm, accommodating and actively seeking ways to make their patients' lives more comfortable."
-Susan M

"My neck pain and hip pain have dramatically decreased since I began treatment. Dr. Caputo will take good care of you and can help you heal your body without drugs and surgery, but is also realistic about his patients' conditions and medical needs. Wonderful staff and relaxing atmosphere."
-Jennifer P

"Have always loved Dr Tom and his crew. Been seeing him for years."
-Jay F

"Dr. Caputo is the most experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor in town. I wouldn't trust my adjustments to anyone else! His commitment to continuing his education and understanding of how the human body works is very reassuring."

"This is the BEST place to go for not only chiropractic work, but damaged tendons. My shoulder lock up, which limits my range of motion. Within 5 minutes he has my arm rotating in all directions. I would highly recommend stopping by, and find out for yourself the benefits of coming!"
-Alec A

"Very professional and informative about my condition"
-Demitris J

"Often times people take the time to write bad reviews, but rarely take the time to write good reviews. Dr. Caputo is by far the best Chiropractor I have visited, and I have been to quite a few!!! I came in the office with exactly what I thought I needed. To my surprise, it only took Dr. Caputo a few minutes to gain my trust. If he would have listen to me, it would have taken months to correct the problem. Because he was able to gain my trust, it only took a couple of visits and I feel so much better.

Hats off to Dr. Caputo for gaining my trust, which is hard to do!!!

He is the best!"
-Lynn H

"I was never a believer in chiropractic and tried a few and felt disappointed in the outcome. I have suffered from what I thought was endometriosis and was hospitalized too many times. I lived at least one day a week of my life in extreme pain and my husband felt hopeless that no one could do anything for me. Then I pulled a muscle at the gym so my husband made me go to a chiropractor and we found Dr. C.

I explained the endo and the muscle pull and after an exam and X-rays we discovered that I had scoliosis and this irregularity could cause some organs to not work properly.

I have been with Dr. C for less than a year and I am completely out of pain. I haven’t had one endometriosis attack, and I am moving around like I never thought I could.

I never realized how restrained my body was until I gained back my range of motion. Today I went to see him for a normal adjustment and I told him my dog kicked me in the jaw a week prior and my jaw cracks when I open and close it. He worked his magic and my jaw moves with ease and zero cracking.

I could seriously go on and on and on about all the differences Dr. C and his group have made in my health and improvements in my everyday life. All the girls in his office are amazing, and so helpful. You never feel rushed and it feels like family when you are in there.

I work in a dental office so I am always critical of customer service and the way offices run their patients, Caputo chiropractic gets a ten in my book.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO SEE HIM, just once! I promise, you will not be disappointed!!!

Just think about this... he is in a complex with 4 other chiropractors offices in the same intersection, and his place is always packed! The others, not so much....

Thank you Dr. Caputo and staff for giving me my life back, I owe everything to all of you!"
-Noelle J

"Great!! Great!!

Dr. Caputo is very knowledgeable about his job. He puts you at ease. His secretary, Donna, is always professional and nice. He looked at my Xrays and immediately knew what treatment I needed. I have been going for about 2months and would not go anywhere else."
-Gerald T

"Why workout, you just pulled a muscle? Why fly a kite and enjoy the sunshine and rainbows when you can just pop a pill? That's what a lot of doctors seem to be asking me to do, whenever I pull a muscle or hurt my back. I found a healthy alternative solution with no side effects-the skilled hands of Dr. Tom Caputo. Dr. Tom's strategic adjustments of my spine have allowed me to work, play and live life to the full while being pain free. Many of my consulting clients are professional athletes and they don't have time for me to stay injured when they need my advice. Thanks to Dr. Tom, if I'm sidelined because of an injury, he gets me back on the field in minutes."
-Robert B

"My family has been going to Caputo Chiropractic for years! Recently, we added a new patient from our family -- our dog is suffering from degenerative disc disease, and she was completely unable to walk, and was pretty much paralyzed from the waist down. Thanks to Dr. Caputo and some laser treatments, she is now walking again on her own, and we are so excited to have some more time with our sweet pup! It has taken a few treatments to get her back on her feet, but even the first treatment significantly helped her pain. We are so grateful for Dr. Caputo and his staff!"

"Dr. Tom is great! When I first went in to see him I was doubled over....could not walk upright. 30 minutes later, I was walking back to my car in the parking lot with almost no pain. Very friendly staff and very flexible about working you into the schedule without an appointment....which is nice because my back never seems to go out according to a "schedule". I've been going to Caputo Chiropractic for several years now and can highly recommend them."
-Ken R

"What makes visiting Caputo Chiropractic so great is how well he takes care of our children! They actually get excited about going to the doctor! His professionalism along with his great personality makes getting adjusted a fun experience."
-Amber H

"Excellent Chiropractic care! I went in for an emergency as i was supposed to be working and they fixed me right up! If ever I need help again (in the area) I will be back, and I recommend Dr. Caputo to everyone around them!"
Chris Martz

"My family and I have seen Dr. Caputo for over 20 years. His level of committment to his patients and his level of care is top notch. He has helped us through chronic upper and lower back pain due to car accidents, migraine headaches, hand and foot ailments and much more! I would highly recommend Dr. Caputo to anyone seeking relief from most types of pain!"
-Debbie S

"I used this place after i had a car accident and the staff and doctor are amazing. They are very flexible with my schedule, even stayed over their hours. Great and qualified clinic. I recomend everyone to use this place."
-Slava G

"I saw three different doctors about the pain in my neck that eventually extended to my shoulder, arm and hand. They prescribed a muscle relaxer and pain meds to address the muscle spasms detected on x-rays, along with physical therapy. None of it worked and I finally decided to try chiropractic care after suffering for months.

Dr. Caputo properly diagnosed me on my first visit. I stopped all medication and began adjustments three times a week for six weeks. I noticed an improvement after just a couple of adjustments and at the end of my treatment plan, I was 100% pain free.

My experience with Dr. Caputo's has permanently changed my opinion of chiropractic care. A few years ago, it was my last alternative because I was desperate to be free of pain that was becoming increasingly worse. Now chiropractic care is my first choice when I'm in pain!"
-Shannon V

"My family has been going to Caputo Chiropractic for almost 15 years. We have received excellent care and over the years have learned the wellness benefits from chiropractics. My children even let me know when it is time for an adjustment!"
-Marlo M

"Dr. Tom is amazing!!!! I can not say enough great things about him. If anything is ailing must go visit him immediately. He will fix it!!! I have had a chronic cough due to reflux disease. I felt terrible and the cough was out of control. Anyone around me immediately thought that I was contagious. Dr. Tom took the time to meet me on Saturday mornings (outside of his normal business hours and on his own time) to help me with this issue because I travel on business throughout the week. He immediately diagnosed a hiatal hernia that I was not aware of (which was later confirmed through tests from my Gastroenterologist) and began to fix this issue as well. Now...I feel terrific. My cough issue has improved tremendously. I feel like a new person. Dr. Tom Caputo is the best there is. I can not recommend him enough. He saved my life...literally"
- James H

"Dr. Caputo has been our chiropractor for over 10 years! He's helped us in so many ways. Relieving asthma symptoms, shoulder problems, herniated discs, scoliosis, tailbone, dance and sports injuries, carpal tunnel, and many other problems suffered by a family of 5. He spends time with patients coaching them on improving health and preventing injuries. I highly recommend him."
- Stephanie R

"Dr. Tom provides a great combination of experienced Chiropractic care and Physical therapy exercises. I would definately recommend him!"
- David K

"Dr. Caputo is wonderful. I had just recently moved to the area when I hurt my back - it was one of those injuries where I couldn't move. We went to a local Chiro - it was horrifying - walked away in more pain after 3 visits. Desperate, my husband called Dr. Caputo and he met me on a Saturday - his day off. After that appt., I was able to wobble and after a few more appointments - I was back to normal.

I can't say enough good things about him...if you are in pain or need an adjustment...GO!"
- Sarah S

"Been going there for years. Excellent chiropractice care."
- Warren D