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Laser Therapy in

Lawrenceville & Suwanee, GA

laser therapy suwanee

When you think of laser therapy, you might instantly think of the laser used in surgery – but there's a pretty big difference. The lasers used in deep-tissue laser therapy are low-level lasers. That means they aren't “slicing” into your body.

Why Laser Therapy Is Essential for Pain Treatment

Caputo Chiropractic Center uses laser therapy for back pain treatment and neck pain treatment. It is because of studies that prove this treatment works that Dr. Thomas Caputo uses it. One study showed a significant drop in the severity of pain in people that underwent laser therapy.

Laser therapy treatments are drug-free and fast, so you can be in and out of the office quickly. We know that your life is loaded with events and plans, between work and family life, so we work hard to treat your pain and keep you on the go.

Some of the ailments treated regularly with laser therapy include:

Sprains & Strains

Low Back Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Tennis Elbow

Disc Issues

Soft Tissue Injuries

Shoulder & Knee

Carpal Tunnel

Neck Pain

And Much More

Laser therapy can help with so much more, but this gives you an idea of the extent of this treatment. It reduces both pain and inflammation.

This specific treatment can be especially beneficial if you play sports. Sports injuries happen often, even in low-impact sports. If you've twisted your ankle playing soccer and pain relief has been hard to find, talk to your Lawrenceville & Suwanee chiropractor about this particular treatment and how it can help you start kicking soccer balls again.

What Laser Therapy Is Like

This is a fairly quick procedure – it only takes 5 or 10 minutes for a treatment. You may feel a little bit of a warming sensation, but there is no pain to the process. This type of treatment is perfect for neck pain treatment and other specific issues because it can treat small areas and be customized to your needs.

Dr. Caputo started training in chiropractic care after a lower back injury, and treatments like this helped him recover. Now he has over 30 years of chiropractic experience to put to work helping you.

Make A Laser Therapy Appointment Now

If you're ready for a neck pain or back pain treatment that is non-invasive and will significantly reduce your pain, call Caputo Chiropractic Center at (770) 962-0559 or visit their website to make an appointment. Laser therapy might be the right treatment for your pain and inflammation.