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"When I started going to Dr. Caputo, I had backaches, walked bent over and could not reach the floor to pick up anything. I was having sinus headaches that lasted for days. After only a few adjustments, I was feeling much better. I have continued with regular adjustments, and now I don't have backaches, I don't walk bent over, I can reach the floor, and I never have a headache. Dr. Caputo has really helped me. I would highly recommend him." - Olin S

"He cares. He's always available. He makes sure you're good to go before you leave. He's a good person, the only person in this state that can help me with my back problems and other things." - Joey R

"He's friendly and honest and unlike other Dr.'s he wants your healing and well being to be natural. He pointed out that my x-ray showed signs of early onset of osteoporosis, so now I'm taking all precautions to reverse it. My posture is straighter than it was. I used to slump a lot. Not any more." - Doreen P