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5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor for Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Written By Caputo Chiropractic Center on January 11, 2019

When you're in need of auto accident injury treatment, whether you need whiplash treatment or treatment for pain and inflammation, chiropractic care is an important step in recovery. Your chiropractor is educated on how to manipulate your spine for relief from pain and pressure.

Why You Need Chiropractic Treatment After an Auto Accident

You were just driving down the road on your way to work, and someone rear-ends you. Maybe you were both going 30mph or less, or maybe this happened at a higher speed. Either way, you walk away, seemingly unscathed – but that doesn't mean you're injury free.

While a trip to the ER or your primary physician may help you pinpoint some areas of injury from an auto accident, visiting your chiropractor is another important step in auto accident injury treatment. 

Here are five reasons why:

1. Not All Injuries Are Immediately Visible

Even if you feel no pain after an accident, that doesn't mean you don't have an injury. X-rays can help pinpoint injuries. Your chiropractor can also find misalignments in your spine caused by the blow of an accident and adjust them to keep you from feeling excess pain in the future.

2. You Could Have Whiplash

There's a good chance that the blow from even a slow-speed fender bender caused you whiplash. Whiplash treatment is important if you've had any impact that jarred your head forward or backward. 

Studies have shown that rear crashes often lead to whiplash diagnosis, while many people go untreated for it. If you leave whiplash untreated, it can lead to chronic neck pain and severe headaches.

3. It's Less Invasive 

Chiropractic care offers a less invasive treatment than surgery, and in many cases, it can resolve the need for surgery. Your chiropractor may combine treatments for your auto accident injuries, such as spinal decompression, regular adjustments, and massage therapy.

4. It Helps Avoid Long-term Issues

Through regular adjustments to your spine, your auto accident injury treatment can help you avoid long-term issues from your injuries. It can help alleviate internal swelling and inflammation that could lead to chronic joint pain.

5. It'll Strengthen Your Legal Claim

The more medical care you get for your accident injuries, the stronger your insurance and legal claim will be. You want compensation for the pain and hardship put upon you by this accident, so make sure you get what you deserve.

Make a Plan for Your Auto Accident Injury Treatment Now

Contact Caputo Chiropractic Center between Lawrenceville and Suwanee now for an appointment at (770) 962-0559. Dr. Caputo will put his 30+ years of experience as a licensed chiropractor to use helping you with your pain and whiplash treatment.

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